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Best Men’s Running Shoes

Trusted Brand

Brooks’ latest and greatest and is renowned for its stability and soft soles.

Rubber outsole provides traction for road runs and is durable for frequent runners. GuideRails support system puts less stress on knees. Softer soles than previous Brooks models.

Not for those seeking footwear for speed workouts.

Simple Yet Solid

If you’re looking for a stylish option that won’t break the bank, Adidas’ Supernova is the pair for you.

Superior comfort and heel cushioning is soft and easy on skin. This most recent model isn’t as chunky as previous versions. EVA foam delivers bounce on hard surfaces. Mesh is breathable on top of feet .

The fit isn’t as snug at the middle of the foot for some users.

Lightweight Option

Don’t let the chunky design fool you. This offering from New Balance is one of the best lightweight choices on the market.

Thick soles are soft and shock-absorbing. Lauded for its comfort. Surprising adept at accommodating quicker paces. Snug fit around the collar is appreciated by many users.

Not everyone will enjoy the thick soles.

Sleek and Fast

If you’re searching for an aerodynamic and springy model for uptempo runs, this is the one for you.

Soles are lightweight, durable, and springy on myriad surfaces. Cushioned inside is comfortable. Heel-to-toe design will naturally propel runner forward.

Isn’t designed for heavy use.

Flexible Fit

If you are looking for running shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and flexible, the Guide 10s are hard to beat.

Practical running shoes that offer notable flexibility and comfort for the price. Tri-Flex soles deliver reliable traction on most surfaces. Mesh uppers make them feel lightweight and breathable. Decent arch support.

Sizes tend to run somewhat small, and toe boxes are a bit narrow. Some reports of longevity concerns noted.